Amazon Stores Management

There’s no need to introduce Amazon, the world’s largest online ecommerce platform.

Israelis love Amazon and buy there in droves. How much do they love Amazon? So much so that they buy a billion dollars worth of products per year!

If your customers are on Amazon, then why shouldn’t you be there? Moreover, if you have great products at great prices, then why not sell them to hundreds of millions of Amazon users across the globe?

The potential for Amazon sales is obvious. The question is how to do it effectively.

Here we delve into the picture!

Selling on Amazon requires a knowledge and understanding of the platform’s unique laws and practices. However, there are many companies familiar with Amazon.

So, what’s our advantage?

We understand ecommerce and ecommerce platform management. Most importantly, we know that the heart of these activities lies in outstanding service and operations.

And this exactly is Amazon’s strength! Superior service and operations alongside endless variety.

Although there are many companies that understand Amazon’s technical processes, we are not content with merely stopping there. We concentrate our efforts on providing excellent service and efficient operations.

WECOMMERCE will guide you from the first step of setting up your Amazon store through the ongoing phases of management and store development.

Just like Amazon, we understand the importance of customer centricity and the need for a quality customer experience, which provides speedy and efficient responses.

Our service system is the largest and most advanced of its kind in Israel and we know exactly how to meet these needs.

The services of WECOMMERCE’s Amazon Department include:

  • Research and strategy
  • Setting up Amazon stores for local and international audiences
  • Marketing stores within the Amazon platform, as well as outside it

Ongoing management of all the store’s needs, including customer service and logistics service operations