Digital Shelf Management

An ecommerce website, just like a physical store, is a store in every sense where new products appear on the shelf, while others are taken down. Prices change, inventory is updated, promotions come and go, new categories are set up, and so on. The appearance and visibility of the online digital store is also changing. The homepage, which acts as the “front window”, is updated to display promotions and new products, as well as changing banners, added pop-ups, and other measures.

Proper digital shelf management significantly impacts the website’s success. The ability to upload unique, quality content in a short period of time and implement changes and updates, often in real time, is crucial to the ongoing management and advancement of the virtual store.

Digital shelf management requires in-depth knowledge of numerous ecommerce platforms, an understanding of the ecommerce field, top-notch writing and design capabilities, and the complete availability to make changes and updates at any time.

WECOMMERCE has a dedicated department that specializes in digital shelf management and deals with managing content writing and photography, setting up and regularly updating the website’s product catalogue, and operating the promotions, banners and pop-ups. The department also provides statistical analysis and database management. The staff includes skilled operational, content writing and design experts who provide quality responses in a timely manner.