Last Mile Managment

Quallity ecommerce is, first and foremost, a well-oiled and smoothly operating logistics machine.

A good ecommerce website needs to know how to store the right products in the right quantities, present them accurately on the digital platform, and know how to collect, package, and deliver the items to the customer’s home. An effective ecommerce website also needs to know how to deal with a variety of delivery solutions, as well as returns, replacements, faults and defects, and more.

It is fair to say that the weakest and most problematic link in the operation of ecommerce websites is often the final stage – from the moment of ordering the product to customer delivery. This stage is referred to as the “Last Mile”, i.e. the phase that will determine the level of customer satisfaction and will impact the likelihood of the customer’s return.

The Logistics Management Department of WECOMMERCE oversees the “Last Mile” stage along with the logistics service centers and the various shipment companies.  We will help you ship the products quickly and efficiently, saving you on costs, reducing any glitches or errors, and assisting you in providing a speedy delivery standard that meets customer expectations.