Marketing Automation & SEO

Ecommerce websites operate in a competitive and challenging environment with the ultimate goal being clear and obvious – sell as much as possible!

In order to achieve this objective, it is crucial to understand the various stages of the customers’ journey from the moment they are interested in the product up until the time of purchase.

Ecommerce websites that can successfully recognize the correct touch points are able to generate the highest possible revenue, relative to the given budget.

There are a variety of ways to interact with the consumer. We will focus here on two tools that are especially relevant for ecommerce websites and virtual stores – SEO and Marketing Automation:

  • Behind the term “Marketing Automation” is the ability to reach out to customers through various means, such as newsletters, text messages, and pop-ups based on their stage in the customer journey, browsing nature, purchase history, and any products that they expressed an interest in.
  • Behind the term “SEO” (search engine optimization) is the simple fact that most of the customer’s journey involves one centralized and crucial tool – Google. A good organic location on Google considers the location of the store within this higly-trafficked mall.

WECOMMERCE specializes in marketing ecommerce websites and virtual stores.

Our Marketing Department offers advanced marketing automation tools including design, construction, and ongoing process management. With WECOMMERCE’s systems, you can take advantage of advanced Marketing Automation capabilities without investing in expensive technological systems.

Our Marketing Department also specializes in the organic promotion for ecommerce websites and we are proud of the outstanding results that we have achieved for dozens of leading websites.

We also offer additional marketing services, including:

  • writing marketing content
  • translating content
  • designing ecommerce websites